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Squirrel: Wheel Safety Device
Squirrel: Wheel Safety Device
Our Price: $19.95

*Wheel not included

Avoid purchasing individual parts to secure the nuts on your tire rims. With the Squirrel, just purchase one easily fitted piece to secure all your nuts on a single tire rim. The Squirrel prevents wheel separation from vehicles as a result of loose nuts. Instead of just detecting loose nuts on your tire rims, keep any loose nuts secure and in place on your wheels using the squirrel. The device is fitted in 3 different sizes to account for 10, 8, and 6 stud versions. The Squirrel is great for trucks, trailers, RV's, coach buses, public transit buses, and box trucks.

Tip: The Squirrel is best fitted when starting on the bottom of your tire's rim and working your way up to fit the device securely.

For more information visit: http://www.vischeck.net/the-squirrel/
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